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RVX came to the 2B agency with an ambitious objective: reduce site attendance by 30% while delivering instant, high-quality visual customer support. Through our technical expertise, we collaborated to create an innovative solution that was not only functional and highly effective but also intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring no app installation.

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Using the power of React, we built a versatile interface that transformed customer interaction, allowing agents to offer live visual assistance to users. This platform provided a seamless way for customers to stream their smartphone cameras directly to the agent's desktop. Our team utilised TypeScript to enable agents to capture images, copy text with OCR, annotate, and utilise a variety of communication tools all in real time.

For this project, the capabilities of Next.js were instrumental in handling vast amounts of data in real time and providing excellent performance across a range of devices. We engineered a system where automation features could significantly reduce session times, enhance productivity, and support workload management.

Furthermore, we utilised Gatsby to create a secure and dynamic web platform. Through this, RVX's customers can use any smartphone to access the service, while maintaining compliance with stringent data protection regulations such as GDPR.

The 2B agency successfully assisted RVX in achieving its goals. Site attendance was reduced significantly, while customer support was enhanced with visual assistance technology. This solution empowered field technicians to resolve issues faster and more efficiently, and has improved safety by allowing for remote work.

Additionally, our solution has provided invaluable data on product and customer interaction, leading to enhanced customer service insights. The result is not just improved customer satisfaction and motivated employees, but also more efficient contact centres and enriched agent knowledge.

By leveraging modern technologies and our expertise, the 2B agency played an integral role in propelling RVX into the future of customer support. The impact of our partnership is reflected in RVX's ability to offer advanced, secure, and user-friendly services, making strides towards a more efficient, sustainable future for customer support.

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