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At 2B, we focus on delivering solutions that embody the ethos of our clients, and Jigsaw was no different. As an app founded on the principles of creating deeper connections and moving away from the rapid, surface-level judgments often seen in online dating, the website needed to reflect this unique selling point.

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Inherited as a Gatsby site connected to Prismic CMS, we streamlined the functionality, optimized the overall layout, and implemented features designed to enrich the user experience. These enhancements served to improve user engagement and further highlight Jigsaw's unique approach to online dating.

Our collaboration with Max, a co-founder of Jigsaw, ensured that the implementation of new features remained in alignment with their business objectives and brand identity. This harmonious approach enabled us to deliver an end-product that truly represented the essence of Jigsaw - a revolutionary platform seeking to redefine the online dating landscape.

Through the power of Gatsby and Prismic CMS, we were able to create a dynamic and flexible website, allowing for rapid deployment of pages by Jigsaw's team. The result was a fluid, user-friendly site showcasing the app to the public and media alike, contributing to Jigsaw's burgeoning reputation as a disruptor in the dating app space.

Jigsaw's impact on the dating scene is undeniably profound, with over 100,000 people moving millions of jigsaw pieces to make deeper, more meaningful connections. 2B is proud to have played a role in this journey, fostering the creation of a website that perfectly encapsulates Jigsaw's mission and unique approach. Through this project, we have further proven our commitment to harnessing technology to deliver meaningful solutions that truly resonate with end-users.

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