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Matcher is an innovative online social media platform that aims to revolutionize the way football games are arranged and experienced. Recognizing a gap in the market for a dedicated space for football enthusiasts, the founders of Matcher sought to develop an intuitive platform that would make arranging games of football seamless and interactive.

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2B was brought on board to bring this vision to life. Collaborating closely with the Matcher team, we developed a robust platform that allowed for the creation of clubs and individual games. This functionality enabled users to easily set up games and invite other participants. To ensure smooth communication, we integrated Twilio's SMS service, enabling hosts to send notifications to players about upcoming matches.

Taking the Matcher experience a step further, we saw an opportunity to create a live streaming service for the matches. Leveraging Twilio's Video API, we developed a feature that allowed hosts to live stream matches from multiple phones. This multi-angle camera experience enhanced the overall user experience by providing a real-time view of the game, elevating Matcher from a simple game arrangement platform to an immersive football experience.

We also introduced a gamification element to increase user engagement. By playing a certain number of games, scoring a predefined number of goals, and accomplishing various other in-game accolades, players could earn achievements. This feature not only encouraged more active participation but also fostered a sense of community and friendly competition among users.

Overall, our partnership with Matcher demonstrated our ability to deliver innovative and engaging solutions tailored to our clients' needs. The successful implementation of the Matcher platform showcases our expertise in harnessing technology to enhance user experiences and our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

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