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At 2B, we're more than just developers - we're problem solvers. When Phood approached us with their vision to tackle food waste - the world's most illogical problem - we were thrilled to use our expertise to contribute to their mission of sustainability and responsible business practice.

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Phood, a VC-backed tech startup, emerged with a bold concept: using AI and computer vision to transform waste tracking, thus driving a significant reduction in food waste and increasing profits. The need for an advanced, intuitive and responsive platform was paramount - and this is where our team stepped in.

Leveraging our vast experience with React, we crafted a highly interactive, real-time dashboard that made the process of waste tracking simpler and more efficient. Our attention to detail ensured that the user experience was at the forefront, simplifying complex processes into an intuitive interface.

Next.js, an excellent choice for scalable applications, played a vital role in this project. Our team harnessed its capabilities to create a server-rendered React application that facilitated high performance, and enabled Phood to manage large-scale operations effortlessly. This allowed Phood to rapidly expand its reach across New England, extending its beneficial impact on various universities, senior living facilities, and retail grocery stores.

Our collaboration with Phood not only reduced waste by an impressive 40% and saved the University of Connecticut $50,000 in food costs in less than a year, but it also positioned Phood as a pioneer in the tech-for-good sector. Our technology-first approach and dedication to sustainability contributed to Phood's recognition by major news outlets, providing the platform for CEO Luc Dang to share his transformative vision globally.

This project stood as a testament to what our technologies - and a deep commitment to impact - can do. Here at 2B, we don't just create websites; we help shape the future - one line of code at a time.

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