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VetTrust, a Swiss veterinary group, is distinguished by its love for animals and commitment to providing the highest standard of medical care and customer service. The organisation adopts a holistic approach to pet care, treating pets throughout their lifespan, and offering 24/7 emergency services through their extensive network of clinics. At its core, VetTrust values the wellbeing of pets and is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for both animals and their owners. However, to further elevate their services and facilitate efficient practice operations, VetTrust partnered with us at 2B.

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The mission was clear: to provide an intuitive and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases VetTrust's extensive network of veterinary practices across Switzerland, accessible via a list or a map interface. In addition, the platform needed to house a blog that provides useful information for pet owners, a newsletter sign-up system, and a job listing and careers portal.

To achieve these objectives, our team at 2B decided to leverage Gatsby.js, a modern frontend framework based on React. It's highly optimised for speed and allowed us to build a fast, secure, and accessible web application that catered to the needs of VetTrust and its end-users.

However, as the needs of VetTrust evolved, we recognised the need for quicker deployment of pages by their team of content editors. Consequently, the site was re-built using Next.js, another React-based framework that provides an intuitive page-based routing system, out-of-the-box SEO, and excellent performance.

To empower VetTrust's content editors to quickly and efficiently update the website, we integrated the site with Contentful CMS and StoryBlok. Contentful provided a powerful content infrastructure, while StoryBlok's visual editor enabled the creation of pages using "blocks" for a dynamic, flexible content structure.

The use of TypeScript across the project brought additional benefits, providing static typing to catch errors early and improve the readability and maintainability of the codebase.

The result of this collaboration was a dynamic, easy-to-navigate platform that allowed VetTrust to more effectively reach out to their community, share valuable pet care advice, and highlight their career opportunities. By optimising the use of modern web development technologies, we were able to create a platform that truly embodied VetTrust's commitment to excellence and care.

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